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What is Taro?

A little history and explanation about taro and why we like to eat it!

Colocasia esculenta, commonly known as taro or kalo, is a root vegetable believed to have been cultivated from the far East over hundreds of years ago, and have spread to many parts of the globe. Its many species and varieties can be found as a prominent crop for many growers and farmers particularly in tropical climate.

Its texture might be compared by some to a potato but much denser and with a slightly sweeter taste.”

One part of the world where taro is a staple part of their diet is among the Pacific Islands. This high in fiber cultivated crop is mainly eaten as a major source of carbohydrates and a great source of energy. Both the root and it's leaves can be eaten and is very delicious when properly prepared.

Taro Food Culture

There are many types of taro. They come is different sizes and color and can be cooked in many different ways. Still today many have not seen or know what a taro is, however you can find a bag of taro chips or taro flavored milk tea and smoothie at one of your local shops. Another popular use is the Hawaiian "poi". In Hawaii, the kalo is not only a part of their staple diet but a significant part of the Hawaiian culture.

Speaking of culture, food is definitely one of our favorite parts of any culture. Taro is one of our many favorite tropical plant roots that is enjoyed among Pacific Islanders. Its texture might be compared by some to a potato but much denser and with a slightly sweeter taste. Other ways of preparing taro include boiling, baking, steamed or fried. But first you will need to peel the outer skin and then they can be cooked whole or cut into pieces. Eating the taro root in its uncooked form will not be a good idea.

Taro Benefits!

Why eat taro? Taro grows well in tropical weather and can be plentiful when crops are healthy and harvested. There is a belief among Polynesians that taro makes you fuller after a meal. It is no wonder that taro is a great alternative for feeding a large family or a whole village. Hence you will see taro at almost every Polynesian feast or luau. In addition, there are many sources out there that can give you a nutritional breakdown of taro, but needless to say, they are nutritious and delicious.

We are Taro Hut

At Taro Hut we enjoy serving our signature smash burgers on taro buns! Yes, you can also mix taro with other ingredients to make some delicious combinations such as taro bread. Along with a scrumptious burger, you will have to try our taro fries - crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside - and they're taro! And that's not all, if you're looking for a real island feast experience, then you'll have to try our Taro Hut Special! Our homemade Polynesian dishes are hearty and served with delicious coconut-sauce covered taro straight from the islands.

When you're in Oahu Hawaii, stop by Taro Hut for tasty lunch. And if you haven't tried taro yet, no worries, come on over we got you covered! Hope to see you soon - Aloha!

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