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40lb Bag

Next shipment: Dec 31st  2020

white and pink taro. Grown and packaged in Samoa.

Price is determined by location.

Price Range:



20lb Bag

Next shipment: Dec 31st  2020

white and pink taro. Grown and packaged in Samoa.

Price is determined by location.

Price Range:


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I pick up my taro?

Select the closest location/agent when you book. When booking is confirmed, we send you the agent's contact info so you can coordinate pickup. Pickup up is normally from the agent's location on the day of the shipment. Shipment arrives at least once a month. Shipment dates are found on the calendar when you click Book Now.

Can your agent deliver it to my home?

Our agents DON'T deliver. Please pick up your taro from our agents' location.

Can I get the agent's number?

We will connect you with an agent after your booking is confirmed so you can coordinate time for pickup. Please call us at 808-746-3590 for more information.

Can I just pay when I pickup?

Yes you can. However, we have an online discount for all website bookings up until 6-days before shipment.

What if the taro is rotten when I receive it?

Our business model is designed to avoid taro from rotting. We do this by delivering the taro as fast as we can directly from the shipping terminal to all our agents. When you pickup your taro from our agent, do not leave until you have opened and inspected your taro to make sure it's in good quality. Once you leave our agent, you are confirming that you have received the taro in good condition. Rest assured, the taro is in very good condition when you receive it.


On the contrary, if you find any issues before you leave our agent's location, please address the issue with our agent or ask for a refund if you do not wish to continue with your purchase.  We want you to have a pleasant experience with our service.

Is there an agent in my area?

When you click book now you will be asked to select an agent. We have agents in California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii. To see more specific locations within each state, please refer to the Booking page.

What if my area is not listed?

Don't worry we've got you covered. Please select the NOT LISTED : 4-Day FEDEX option when you book. We will send your taro directly to your address. We have already tested this method and it worked like a charm! Taro was still in great quality.

There is a $70 for 40lb and $40 for 20lb shipping cost included when you book the FedEx option. However, if it costs more than the amounts above to ship your taro, you will be responsible for the remaining balance.

Can I be an agent?

Yes you can if we don't have an agent in your area. We need motivated individuals who are well-connected with their Polynesian community. If you're interested please call us at 808-746-3590.

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